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A LA CARTE Cleaning Services

A LA CARTE Cleaning Services

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Here is the place to customize your cleaning day!

We've built in the time needed for each area to truly offer deep cleaning on three levels!

You can select one item or all of them the choice is yours!


Silver - Still a rockstar clean! One pass washing one, pass vacuuming. 


Gold - Picture your home glowing.

Vacuum, wash, vacuum, polish... need we say more?


Platinum - We keep washing until the mop bucket water is clear.

Yup you read that correct. When cleaning floors we change the mop water multiple times, however getting entire home washed to this level takes time... LOTS of time!

We are not just referring to the floors either. Walls, cupboards, drawers, closets, washrooms basically if its inside your home we clean it top to bottom.

This service will leave your home on a totally different level!


If wanting multiple bathrooms & bedrooms cleaned please add desired number to cart when booking for your home. If you only select 1 bathroom we only clean one bathroom!


Note: pricing may be adjusted based on size of home. Contact us for more detail!


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