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Habit & Kin

Vacation Home Cleaning Services

Vacation Home Cleaning Services

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You must book four hours base time

Habit & Kin // Hire us to keep those five star ratings coming!!

This cleaning service is charged by the hour.  After booking this service we will reach out to you to ask additional questions about your home/accommodations.


For this service ~ Minimum 4 hour with 1 Habit & Kin team member.


Please provide as much detail as possible so we can ensure we provide you with enough time to do the best job possible!

How you can plan - booking time

Number of bedrooms // Each bedroom 45 minutes // with linen change // walls/floors/baseboards/mirrors/art/furniture/tv/windows

Number of washrooms // Each bathroom 30 minutes // 30 additional minutes for interior cabinetry cleaning in addition to regular cleaning

Number of living areas+dens // Each room 60 minutes // all items art/furniture/tables washed/polished top to bottom/art/windows/baseboards/tv/console  

Number of dinning areas including kitchen nooks // Each room 60 minutes all items art/furniture/tables/baseboards/floors/art/windows

Kitchen // 120 minutes (2 hours) // 240 minutes (4 hours) + to deep clean inside cabinetry // walls/floors/baseboards/exterior stove/fridge/ microwave/small appliances/

Pantry // 45 minutes // shelves/floors/refill/baseboards 

Laundry Room // 30 minutes // walls/baseboards/doors/washing/drying/machines 

Entryway // 30 minutes // walls/baseboards/doors/art/furniture/windows

Hallway/Staircase  // 30 minutes + if multiple levels // walls/floors/art/baseboards/

If dishes need to be cleaned/polished // 60 minutes + all dishes//flatware 

If inside refrigerator/oven need to be deep cleaned // 90 minutes deep clean

If we need to remove garbage/recycling // Time varies depending on volume 

If bedding needs to be washed // 120 + minutes depending on volume

Anything else that you can think of that will help us provide the best clean possible!


Note: If you book us for four hours we will stay for four hours. Should you book us for six hours and it takes us five hours you will be refunded the time difference.

Should we arrive and find the home in more disarray than anticipated we will contact you immediately to discuss our plan of action. 

We typically will be able to stay and finish properly but the booking client will be responsible to pay the additional time needed to complete the cleaning service it is non negotiable.

If the client does not agree we reserve the right to decline cleaning the home.

We understand the importance that Vacation Homes need to have an extremely high level of cleanliness for your guest to feel comfortable and get those five star ratings!

As cleaning professionals we uphold our responsibility to deliver an exceptionally high standard when we are in anyones home.

If we do not feel the home or Vacation Rental has been properly represented in your description and/or the guests have left the home in extreme disarray we will do everything we can to get the home back to the high standard we uphold should/when the client agrees to the extra time needed.

If they are not in agreement we will not be able to complete the Service.

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