Meet the Crew

  • LYRA - founder



  • Lyra

    I have lived in the Okanagan since 2017 and I love creating calm, organized spaces. I thrive in an environment where I can be helpful and creative. I graduated from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver and worked in the food & beverage industry for over 10 years before moving to the Okanagan with my husband and daughter.  Since living in the Okanagan I have operated a brick and mortar business and renovated three homes with my husband, John. I have plans to continue renovating our basement suite, which will ultimately become a vacation rental.


    When living in Vancouver we Airbnb’d our home. I understand the benefit of having a service provider that is detail oriented, trustworthy and meticulous. It is important that a cleaning company can be counted on to provide the absolute best for your guests. That is why the team members of Habit & Kin have developed this service
    based company to bridge the gap between service and hospitality and deliver a boutique style cleaning service for the homeowners of the Okanagan.

  • Carly

    Hi I’m Carly! My parents moved us from England to Grande Prairie, Alberta when I was very young so you could say I grew up being cold. Except for 2 glorious weeks every year when we would spend time with my Grandma who lived in Penticton, and then I would spend the rest of the year dreaming of going back. I left the cold for the coast when I moved to Halifax to get my degree and become a Respiratory Therapist. I absolutely loved my time there, the East Coast spirit is a living breathing thing and the beauty is absolutely breathtaking. I started my Respiratory Therapy career at one of the major hospitals in Calgary and worked with acutely ill adults and premature babies. I learned a lot about responsibility, how much communication and cleanliness matter, but mostly I saw how important human connection is.


    Eventually after nearly a dozen years of shift work I moved on to the private sector where it became even more essential to know the different grades of cleaning and sterilization as I taught people how to take care of their newly purchased machines. This gave me the opportunity to travel all over Canada for a few years from Vancouver to Yellowknife to Halifax and everywhere in between. I had been examining my life for a few years at that point trying to really figure out what it was I wanted to do because I had been in burnout on and off for a few years without really knowing how I could stop that cycle. I ultimately realized, with the help of a life coach, that I wanted to leave the field of Respiratory Therapy.


    In 2020 I became a life coach as it had become a real passion project for me and I left my career. At the time it became apparent that someone had to move to Penticton to be there for my Grandma so I sacrificed myself. Kidding, I jumped on the first plane out here and said see ya later Cowtown! In 2021 a flood in the house meant that I spent 10 weeks moving through 13 vacation rental homes. It was not easy and I appreciated all the places that were clean, peaceful and homey so I know first hand how essential it is to provide that for your customers. I am deeply excited to enter this next phase of my life to be able to serve your vacation rental and home needs. I also offer house sitting services and pet setting services (excluding cats - sorry allergies!). I have lots of experience delivering different types of medication so if that is something your furry family member requires we can talk about that too.

  • Jessie

    Where do I start! I am a coastal baby but have lived in the Okanagan since 2019. I have lived in Surrey, Seattle, Victoria and now call the North Okanagan home. I love living where I can ski, surf, and go to wineries all within a few km of my home (not to mention living in a vacation destination is like being on permanent vacation). I have chickens, a dog and a little family. We love playing outside and eating snacks. We have a huge backyard garden and love growing baby tomatoes and banana peppers.


    My role at Habit & Kin is more behind the scenes. I keep our website up and running and troubleshoot all things tech related.  I am a founder and organizer of the Wildflower Market. You can find more information about the market HERE. It is a beautiful, curated event that occurs only once or twice a year with vendors from all over the Okanagan Valley.  Find me contributing to blog posts too!  Have a blog idea?  Hit me up.  I love the Okanagan community so much and am excited for this new venture. 

    Wildflower Market