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Habit & Kin




This service is designed for recurring appointments. A minimum of two hours is required for each reservation, which is typically enough time for a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. The more rooms, the more time is needed to clean your home to our standards.

At Habit & Kin, our commitment to thorough and meticulous house cleaning is underscored by our Professional House Cleaning Checklist. For the initial two cleans, we kick off our services with a comprehensive and detailed cleaning process, which will require a longer clean than the eventual reoccurring services. Subsequently, we employ a systematic approach that categorizes your home into four distinct zones, with a rotating schedule for deep cleaning. This method ensures that every part of your home receives the appropriate level of cleanliness at the right intervals.

We only charge for the time we spend actually cleaning so reach out to to determine the optimal setup for your family's needs prior to ordering these services!



Particular attention is necessary in homes with pets, as pet-related particles like hair, dander, and dust. We do our best but  require consideration that airborne particles can not be 100% removed.

A minimum of four plus hours is required for homes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as we strive to maintain our high level of service and not rush through cleaning. A typical full bathroom takes no less than thirty minutes, leaving limited time for cleaning other parts of the house. Please consider this when requesting this service.

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